How to create API keys on Binance?

How to set up the new SMART Bots?

⚠️ Important: You need to create one account per SMART Bot.

Step 1:

The SMART Bots only trade on Binance Spot. Create an account and API keys on Binance

Step 2:

After registration, you will have your own Binance Dashboard. On your Binance dashboard, go to “Setting” on the left column and click on “API Management” in the dropdown box.

Step 3:

You will be directed to “Create API” page where you will have to give your API key a name eg. SMARTBTC.

Step 4:

You will then receive 2 codes - the API Key and the API Secret. Save both of these codes in a secret and safe place where only you will have access to them. You will need the API keys and API Secret later to link to your 4C Dashboard.

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