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How do you set up SMART Bots?
Do you need to make any adjustments to the SMART Bots?
Why is it important to have several SMART Bots?
Why does 4C Trading have trading limits with the SMART Bots?
What are Smart Bots?
What is the difference between your Smart Bots?
Can I have one account for all three Smart Bots?
What assets do the Smart Bots trade with?
Where can I see the detailed results of the Smart Bots?
How do the Smart Bots work?
What is the suggested trading capital allocation?
What is the difference between the Conservative and Aggressive Strategy?
How do I set up the strategy to use?
What happens if I don’t select any strategy?
Can I activate both Conservative and Aggressive strategies at the same time?
Can I adjust the strategy based on the crypto trend?
How do I determine which strategy will suit me?
Which exchange and market do the SMART Bots trade in?
What is the difference between choosing USDT or USDC to trade with?
Does 4C-Trading offer manual trading?
Should I decide to activate the 3 SMART Bots, do I have to go into each of the three accounts on Binance to check my portfolio?


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Do you offer refunds?

SMART Margins & Signals

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What is SMART Margin?
How do I set up SMART Margins?
Can I create my own signals?
If our SMART Bots trade on autopilot why do we need signals?
Why is the risk capped at 2% for margin signals?
Can I choose to trade manually with SMART Margin?
Can the 2% risk be adjusted?
Which exchange and market does the SMART Margin trade in?
Which are the coins that SMART Margin cover?
Can I adjust the leverage?


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About us
How safe is my money with the Bot? Is it allowed to withdraw it?
What is the risk then?
What is the recommended subscription length?
Can I choose to deactivate the SMART Bots anytime?
Can I withdraw my funds anytime?